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Currently the only supported shell is 4DOS version 7.50, freeware by Rex Conn & JP Software. The only file you absolutely need is the 4DOS.COM program, but if you have space on your SD card you can download the auxiliary files as well. The recommended place to put these files on your SD card is /data/dsx86/4dos/ directory, but also /data/dsx86. Nancy Drew: The Mystery Of The Clue Bender Society For Nintendo DS DSi 3DS 7E: $7 R4i Gold Pro and 8GB Micro SD Launch FBI and navigate to SD -> cia Launch FBI and navigate to SD -> cia. With this, you can run your NDS games, with the DS/DSi boot screen, and clock speed of 133mhz (faster than normal DS) TWiLightMenu-Flashcard TWiLightMenu-3DS.

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